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  • Fun Things To Do In NYC During The Christmas Holidays

    Christmas in New York is such a joy, and if you are wondering if it’s worth visiting during this beautiful season, we have the answer. And it’s definitely a yes. During the holiday season, there is so much to see and do in New York, and nothing compares to the incredible skyline of New York City. People seem friendlier, there is a lot of holiday cheer, and the vibe is unmatched.

    If you are planning a winter vacation and don’t know what to do or what to visit, we have a list of fun things you can do in New York during the Christmas holiday season, so check it out. These activities will activate your Christmas spirit.

    The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

    New York City's Rockefeller Christmas Tree has been a holiday tradition for decades. The first time it was put up was in December 1931, when construction workers used their money to put up a 20-foot tree because they were glad they had jobs during the Great Depression. Since then, everyone has been able to enjoy the tree in Rockefeller Plaza in midtown Manhattan.

    The tree appears in the Plaza in the middle of November, is lit in late November or early December, and remains lit until the beginning of January.

    Are you eager to see the tree? Be one of the first to admire the enormous tree when the lights are turned on by attending the lighting ceremony at the beginning of December. To guarantee a seat and watch famous artists and the Radio City Rockettes perform live, arrive as early as possible.

    Visit Macy’s Santaland

    Macy's Santaland is a free winter village that takes over the eighth floor of Macy's Herald Square each year. It's a fantastic holiday experience for kids and adults alike, with lights, model trains, and Santa, of course.

    Santa Claus arrives at Macy's at Herald Square after the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade to usher in the holiday season. After that, Santa sets up shop at Macy's Santaland NYC, where he and his elves put in a lot of hard work getting ready for the big day. On Christmas Eve, Santa goes out to leave the presents and doesn't return until the following year. Reservations are required for this popular attraction due to the high demand.

    Go Ice-Skating

    Bryant Park is one of the city's most well-known locations for ice skaters. Bryant Park is surrounded by skyscrapers, office buildings, and the New York Public Library in one of Manhattan's most cosmopolitan areas. However, the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park transforms the park into a natural winter wonderland during the winter months. One of the best places in New York City to ice skate is Rockefeller Center's ice rink, especially during the holiday season when the enormous tree is illuminated from top to bottom. Skating at the Rink at Rockefeller Center is one of the most popular winter activities in New York, and you can visit it until midnight.

    See the Radio City Christmas Spectacular

    Since 1933, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular has been a New York City tradition. This 90-minute dancing show features the legendary American dance group Radio City Rockettes and other artists. Tickets tend to sell out quickly, so act soon if you want them, especially if you have a tight schedule because the show always puts you in the holiday mood.

    Watch a Broadway Show

    Broadway in New York City is the most famous theater district in the world. And when in New York, winter is a great time to snuggle up in a warm, heated theater.

    The street that the district is centered on gets its name from. Broadway runs the length of Manhattan and is the longest street in New York City. Times Square, about halfway up the island, is where the city's most famous theaters are and where the world's most famous plays and musicals are performed.

    Shop at a Holiday Market

    One of New York City's most popular winter activities is going to holiday markets. If you're looking for one-of-a-kind holiday gifts and keepsakes, head to a Holiday Market in New York City. There are a lot of vendors at the markets selling the work of local artists, holiday decor, and, of course, delicious food and drinks. The following are some of New York's most popular holiday markets:

    Winter Village Bryant Park

    Are you looking for a Christmas market that looks like one in Europe? Then go to one of the favorite places: the Winter Village in Manhattan's Bryant Park. This is an outdoor market where vendors sell one-of-a-kind holiday gifts in tiny, bespoke booths. Because of the wide range of food and drink options, this is one of the tourist's favorite markets. The market is open from the beginning of November to the beginning of January.

    Grand Central Holiday Fair

    Watch as Grand Central Station's Vanderbilt Hall transforms into a holiday shopping center packed with extraordinary gifts. Crafts, decorations, and everything else you need for the holidays that you didn't know you needed are here. Typically, the fair is open from mid-to-late November until December 24.

    Watch the Bright Lights of Brooklyn

    The spectacular Christmas light display put on by the Brooklyn neighborhood is free! You most likely haven't seen anything like it before! You will be amazed at the quantity and size of the decorations because more and more households have joined over time.

    From 83rd Street to 86th Street, head to 11th to 13th Avenues for the best view of the lights. It is truly an extravagant display of holiday lights that New Yorkers and tourists enjoy.

    Try the hot chocolate

    You can’t visit New York and miss its famous hot chocolate. The city’s most well-known hot chocolate isn’t even hot at all. The movie Serendipity made the “frozen hot chocolate” famous, and today it’s a favorite for visitors and locals. It is presented with a scoop of whipped cream and chocolate shavings. It’s so popular that you’ll need to wait in line for this treat, so book it ahead of time.

    Enjoy the Holiday displays on shop windows

    Do you want free holiday fun? Then, take a stroll down the most expensive street in New York City and take in the stunning holiday window displays in the stores' windows. Every day, tens of millions of people come to New York City to enjoy the holiday spirit at these windows. All high-end department stores go above and beyond when presenting their street-facing window displays with festive and fun holiday decorations. You don’t wanna miss the Saks Fifth Avenue display, which never disappoints.

    Saks Fifth Avenue

    After being awestruck by the enormous size of Rockefeller Christmas Tree, visit Saks Fifth Avenue to view their stunning holiday window displays, which are adored by customers of all ages. On 5th Avenue, between 49th and 50th Streets, the display can be found in front of the store. In 2019, Louis Vuitton celebrated with an installation that covered the entire corner facade of Fifth Avenue with brilliantly colored sculptures and life-size images of the brand's icon. Saks Fifth Avenue collaborated with Disney to create the world of Frozen in its windows.


    At Bergdorf's, Christmas traditions in New York are glittering displays of presents and penguins, dancing sugar plum fairies, and frozen hot chocolate.

    There are numerous ways to celebrate Christmas in New York City, whether you want to be mesmerized by moss-covered miniature trains at the Botanical Gardens or take in the sights from a warm yacht on the Hudson River. If you have the chance to spend the holidays in New York, don’t hesitate to do so, you won’t regret it.

  • Fun things to do in Indian Harbor Beach FL

    After a hard day’s work, you can finally enjoy your well deserved free time. There are many ways you can do that, while some prefer to lay back and enjoy one of their favorite shows others prefer to go on a walk in the park. There are many fun things you can do but, whatever might be your favorite activities you will surely find plenty of interesting ways to spend your time if you are on the East Coast of Florida.

    The beautiful coastline cities of Florida hold plenty of attractions and their world-class beaches are just the tip of the iceberg. One such city is Indian Harbour Beach FL, one of the best places to live one the East Coast of Florida. The city is known for being one of the few StormReady cities on the East Coast and because of its location, you have some of the most impressive views of the ocean.

    In spite of its small size, it was considered to be one of the “Greatest little cities in Florida”, and if you find yourself traveling to the area you should know that there are many fun things to do in Indian Harbour Beach Florida. Here is a list of some of the best things to do in Indian Harbour Beach FL.


    Gleason Park

    If you love nature, green areas, trees, and wildlife then Gleason Park is the place for you. It is a local favorite if you are looking for a recreational place where you can spend some quality time. If you like your morning walk or jog in the park then Gleason Park has paved running and walking paths along the lake where you can practice one of your recreational sports.

    The park has a wide stretch of property that is populated with trees and grass along with plenty of scattered benches where you may sit and rest. The area has a very serene vibe to it especially because of the lake and because it is a well-maintained park. Families can really have a great time in Gleason Park because of the many playgrounds available where they can spend some time burning energy while playing or they can engage in some fun activities together.

    Dog owners often take their pets for a walk in the park and the lake is the perfect shelter for gopher tortoises, ducks, snowy egrets if you want to explore some of the wildlife in the area. Also, you can find outdoor grills for BBQ’s that are set along a sheltered area in order to get out of the sun.


    Canova Beach Dog Park

    As its name would suggest Indian Harbour Beach FL, is also a city known for its top-rated beaches. One of the most popular beaches on the East Coast of Florida is the Canova Beach Dog Park. You probably guessed it is a beach specially designed to accommodate you and your four legged friend.

    The beach is perfect for swimming, fishing, or having a relaxing morning walk. Most importantly it is a dog paradise, and while the beach is not limited to dogs only, most often you will find dog owners bringing their furry friends for a pleasant walk on the beach. Canova Beach features bathrooms and changing areas as well as rinse off areas for your dog after they had a fun time rolling through the sand. They also provide dog waste bags and people that bring their dogs along are usually very considerate in introducing their dogs.

    The beach is also holding free parking areas while providing you easy access to the beach. You can really enjoy the beautiful views and the ocean vibes while you bring your dog along for them to enjoy the warm water and the hot sand. If you are a dog lover/owner you will quickly fall in love with this place and come back frequently to see dogs playing on the beach or walk your own dog on the beachside.


    Oars and Paddle Park

    If you like to have fun doing some of your favorite water activities Oars and Paddle Park provides you with the perfect opportunity to enjoy the water on a hot, sunny day. The Banana River is the perfect place for fishermen to showcase their skills but also the perfect body of water to have a bit of an adventure and explore the area. You can certainly do just that by renting a kayak or a paddleboard and head out on the river.

    If you feel a bit more adventurous you can easily kayak out on the larger and more open waters of the Indian River Lagoon. You can make your way through the side canals of the river if you feel like the breeze is a bit too much to handle and head on to the Grand Canal. Very often you will be greeted by the most friendly inhabitants of these waters, the dolphins. Altogether, this experience is unique and it should definitely be one of your top priorities on your list of fun things to do in Indian Harbour Beach FL.

    The Moving Water Spa

    If you feel like spoiling yourself after a full day of exploring and walking, it is time you visit the Moving Water Spa for a unique massage experience. The place provides great customer service and you can expect a really relaxing body massage provided by some of the most competent massage therapists in the area.

    If you have back problems or muscle soreness then you can really benefit from a deep tissue massage and by adding hot rstones you can make it even better. The small place feels very fancy, nicely appointed, and very well-maintained, and it is really a steal as far as prices go. You will love it and definitely come back for more.


    Whether you love the water, the sandy beaches, or the beautiful scenery, in Indian Harbour Beach FL you will find many ways through which you can enjoy them. The parks in the area give you a good feel of Florida’s wildlife and nature and the beach areas feel fancy yet accessible and less crowded than you might expect. You can explore the area either on land or water as there is something for everyone to have fun with and enjoy.
    If you feel like relocating to the area make sure you contact one of the best real estate agents in Indian Harbour Beach FL in order to find the best housing possible. If you love our article, don’t hesitate to share it with your friend and family on your social media accounts and let everyone know how amazing this place really is.

  • Where to Eat in Fort Myers FL

    Whether you find yourself in Fort Myers, Florida, for the weekend, are planning to move there soon, are a newly moved resident, or a veteran citizen of Fort Myers, finding the best places to eat won’t be that difficult. We all love food to one level or another and being able to enjoy a great meal wherever you are can definitely improve the way you experience that city. So taking a closer look at Fort Myers, what is there to say about this city’s food scene? Well, there’s plenty to choose from and few chances that you won’t find what you’re looking for on the city’s menu. But first, we’ll cover some basic facts about the city to give you a better idea of what you can expect from the time you spend there.

    The city of Fort Myers, Florida, is located on the state’s west coast, right across the Caloosahatchee River from Cape Coral, a short drive away from the many beaches nearby that will keep your stay there busy. There are a multitude of things to do in and around Fort Myers, FL,  so make sure to pack plenty of energy with you on your trip. With a rich history and a casual laid-back atmosphere, those living in Fort Myers get to experience a holiday-like lifestyle only available in cities that are located as close to the coast. So, in order to make sure you get to enjoy your holiday escape in Fort Myers, Florida, we made up a list of some of the best restaurants in the area that will give you all the culinary options you could possibly want.

    Osteria Celli

    We have to start off this list with the most delicious Italian restaurant. Here you won’t find any Americanized Italian dishes as Chef Marco Corricelli makes sure to respect his Tuscany recipes to the T. Not only that, but while he specializes in the many different types of Italian recipes, he makes sure to respect his roots and cook everything just right. The food here is always fresh, including the pasta, filled with flavor and served with a special Italian twist that you won’t get elsewhere. So if you are a fan of Italian food, do not miss this place during your stay in Fort Myers, Florida. The ricotta stuffed meatballs are absolutely divine and the chef will make sure you get the best Italian wine to go with each individual dish you order.

    Wisteria Tea Room & Cafe

    If you want to enjoy a high tea experience, even if it might not be quite like a tea with the Queen of England, the Wisteria Tea Room & Cafe will give you the next best thing available right there in Fort Myers. By adding a signature southern take to the high tea experience this cozy little restaurant has been making waves in Downtown Fort Myers since 2011. Aside from soothing teas, you will also get access to some delicious homemade recipes of baked goods and sandwiches, similar to the British version from across the pond. This is why this location isn’t only a place where you can try out some beautifully flavored teas, but also have a brunch, light lunch, or early dinner. They also have a full lunch menu if you are famished so feel free to choose this location regardless of how hungry you are. One thing not to miss out on if you aren’t lactose intolerant is the Wisteria Cheesecake or the Creme Brulee.

    University Grill

    As one of the best restaurants in Fort Myers, Florida, University Grill serves some of the best seafood dishes you will ever have. We guarantee that you will find the seafood dish you are looking for and if you take note of their themed dinner nights you’ll get some pleasant surprises. For instance, on Wednesday they have Italian night, on Friday, there’s Fish Fry night, while Sunday is the evening for Prime Rib. Other attractive options include the early bird menu that’s available from 3 PM to 5:30 PM for $16.50.  Outside of those hours you can find anything from Escargot, Shrimp Cocktail, Fried Calamari, and Sesame Crusted Tuna. Not sure which of those is more delicious but they should all be tried. Do not miss out on the Salmon Burger as that doesn’t only sound interesting but also looks amazing.

    Farmer’s Market Restaurant

    While being one of the longest-running restaurants in Fort Myers, Florida, it is somewhat to be expected that it’ll end up on this list. After all, it wouldn’t have lasted as long as it did if it weren’t good. So, since its opening days in 1952, the Farmer’s Market Restaurant has been serving some of the best home-cooked comfort food. The best part about these is that, similarly to those family recipes that are inherited, they use recipes that have been passed down several generations. Another thing, the portion sizes will not leave your stomach growling and the great quality will get you asking for more to take home so you can enjoy it again in the comfort of your home. But you shouldn’t worry about that. The restaurant is open from 6 AM till 3 PM from Monday to Saturday, so you will be able to enjoy the highest quality American comfort food throughout your stay in Fort Myers.

    El Gaucho Inca

    One of the most interesting cuisines present in Fort Myers, Florida, is available to you at this Peruvian restaurant. El Gancho Inca is a locally owned restaurant that’s operated by a Peruvian and Latin-inspired married couple. You’ll find plenty of choices here on the menu to satisfy the various tastes and preferences of your party. There are several parts of the menu that need to be analyzed as there is the Peruvian part, the Argentinian side, and the wide variety of Ceviche so it might take you a while to decide. That, however, will only give you more than enough reasons to come here more than once, and we guarantee you that once won’t be enough. Aside from that wide variety of meat servings, there are plenty of options to choose from among the vegetarian dishes available on the menu so don’t let that stop you from enjoying a meal here.


    You shouldn’t think twice about whether you have places to eat in Fort Myers, Florida, because the city, while not being particularly large, has plenty of restaurants to go around for any particular tastes and preferences. Depending on what type of food you actually like, you are bound to find something that will be right up your alley. 

    Regardless of why or how you wound up in this city, based on the culinary experience you receive you just might wind up contacting real estate agents in Fort Myers FL to get all the information about the city’s real estate market. This coastal city offers a laid-back atmosphere for its residents and it’s easy to see why so many people decide to relocate here or wind up selecting the location for a quick holiday. So make sure you enjoy that typical southern hospitality, the ocean breeze as well as the sandy beaches near Fort Myers while you’re there.

  • Must-See Tourist Sites in Knoxville TN

    If you’re planning a trip to Knoxville TN, you couldn’t have made a better choice. The city of Knoxville has a long and storied history that provides visitors with plenty of fascinating things to see and do, especially if you have an interest in exploring the past. This city has a wealth of fascinating things to see and do that will keep even the most avid history buff busy for ages!

    But Knoxville isn’t just for intellectual types; there’s plenty to do here for partygoers, thrill-seekers, and anyone else who just enjoys living life a bit closer to the edge! With bars, clubs and attractions galore, there is no shortage of faster-paced interactive attractions to cater to the party animals among us.

    Then, of course, there are the cultural attractions. The city of Knoxville, Tennessee has become well known in recent years as a haven for the arts and center for cultural activities for years, as part of a push by the city’s leadership to foster the arts in their city. This has led to the creation of an artistic and cultural appreciation the likes of which is unmatched in many larger cities across the country!

    That being said, let’s take a look at what you can expect to find in the beautiful city of Knoxville Tennessee; let’s begin! 

    Knoxville Museum of Art 

    Although Knoxville has several local art museums and galleries, if we could only visit one, we know which one we’d choose: the Knoxville Museum of Art! This spellbinding collection of art exhibits from regional artists offers a mesmerizing look into the very soul of Knoxville and its surrounding area, with a wealth of showcases to explore.

    If you’re on a budget, you’ll be happy to know that the Knoxville Museum of Art is free to explore and discover, with no admission fees whatsoever. Additionally, for those with children, there are guided tours available that will explain the exhibits in a way that they can understand. If you’re in Knoxville, this is one tourist attraction you simply can't miss!

    The Sunsphere at World’s Fair Park

    In 1982, Knoxville became the focus of the world’s attention when it hosted the World Fair. This exhibition of innovation, ideation and creativity has been held every year in locations around the world, but the 1982 World Fair in Knoxville was one of the most successful, with over 11 million visitors from near and far.

    The defining exhibit of this World’s Fair was the 26 story Sunsphere, a tower constructed of steel with a magnificent gold-tinted observation sphere at its pinnacle. The Sunsphere still stands tall over Knoxville and tourists are welcome to tour the observation deck with its commanding view of the city, all at no cost! 

    McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture

    If you are visiting Knoxville to explore its rich history, then this one's for you; the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture is a fascinating attraction for anyone with an interest in history. This expansive collection of exhibits covers a variety of historical focuses, from local culture to anthropology to native American art.

    If you want to visit this fascinating historical attraction, you’ll need to make your way to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville where the museum is located. And don’t worry; like the previous entries on this list, the museum offers entry free of charge, so you can bring the entire family without breaking the bank! 

    Peter Kern Library

    Don’t let the name fool you: Peter Kern Library has a lot more to offer than just books! This stylish, underground-style bar is one of the hottest nightlife spots in the city and has some of the best cocktails and drinks in the city. If you’re looking for a place to kick back and relax while you sip on an ice-cold drink, then Peter Kern Library is for you.

    But the list of things Peter Kern Library has to offer doesn’t stop at cocktails and a relaxed atmosphere; far from it! The barmen and women at Peter Kern Library are knowledgeable about local distilling and brewing culture and are more than happy to share a wealth of information about the history of these beverages. You might leave with some newfound knowledge, in addition to a roaring buzz! 


    If you’re looking for a chill place where you can let down your hair and leave it all on the dance floor, then Carleo’s is the place for you. This sophisticated nightclub is one of the most well regarded nightclubs in the city of Knoxville, and for any seeking a fun night out with friends, it is the place to be.

    Drinks in Carleo’s are mixed with precision and served with the appropriate flourish you’d expect in such a place. The playlist in Carleo’s is usually a mix of modern hits and golden oldies from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, making it perfect for dancing and socializing. Just remember to make a reservation; this place is usually packed, and getting in is hard if you aren’t on the list! 


    With all this going for it, we think it’s safe to say you won’t have any trouble staying busy in Knoxville, no matter how long you’re in town. That holds true, even if you decide to make this charming city your home! With dozens of tempting attractions, the only difficulty you’ll have is choosing how to spend your free time!

    If you want to buy a home in this beautiful city, you’ll want to get in touch with one of the real estate agents in Knoxville TN. These skilled, experienced real estate professionals are your best option when it comes to buying a property in Knoxville. With the help of these realtors, who knows? You might soon be calling Knoxville home!

  • Some of the best attractions in Raleigh NC

    Who doesn’t want to have a little bit of fun in their spare time? After a hard day’s work, we look forward to a well-deserved break, especially if you get to have a little bit of fun while you’re at it. If that is the case, you are in for a treat because the city of Raleigh North Carolina is home to a vast array of attractions that offer you unlimited means of entertainment.

    You will have so much fun in the capital city of North Carolina, and you will probably want to come back for more. In a city that has ranked multiple times as one of the fastest-growing cities in the US and one of the best cities for quality of life, you will surely not regret paying it a visit. Here are some of the best attractions in Raleigh NC.


    Take a tour through the library of the future

    Touring a library probably doesn’t sound that fun, but you are in for a big surprise because this is not your ordinary library. It is, in fact, one of the most advanced libraries in the world, and in a city that stands out for its top education, this is taking it to the next level. The James B. Hunt Library opened in 2013, was built to reflect the status of North Carolina State University which is one of the most prestigious universities in the state.

    The architectural design of the library is unique in the way that you get to see an intriguing design of glass and solar fins that are going in a zigzag across the roof. Here you can find technology such as curved digital display screens, touchscreen kiosks, and a subterranean robot programmed to fetch a book from a collection of 1.5 million books housed within the facility. It is a true masterpiece, it makes studying such a pleasant experience.


    Visit North Carolina Museum of Natural Science

    One of the oldest establishments and one of the largest of its kind is the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science. This facility receives about 1.2 million visitors annually and is one of the state’s most popular museums. It is a unique facility and you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to visit this amazing attraction. The museum is divided into three campuses: the Natural Exploration Center, the Nature Research Center, and the Prairie Ridge Ecostation satellite facility.

    At the Natural Exploration Center, you can expect to walk amongst the towering dinosaur bone exhibits and see various wildlife from the wilderness of North Carolina. They have a 3-D Theater in a 250-seat venue and a family-oriented Discovery Room where you can explore the natural world. Other exhibits include gems and minerals from North Carolina, Tools, and techniques used in the past by naturalists, fossil skeletons, and many others.

    The Natural Research Center is an impressive building that boosts a theater, aquarium and research stations, and a variety of exhibits. The museum hosts science presentations and scenes from nature in the theater. The aquarium is replicating the hard bottom habitat of the North Carolina Coast. Here you can also take a virtual dive 2,000 ft below the ocean floor of North Carolina and also go through more exhibits highlighting fossils of reptiles and birds, collections of meteorites, and more.

    The Prairie Ridge Ecostation is an outdoor classroom with forest, streams, ponds and sustainable building features integrated into this natural landscape. Their mission at the Ecostation is to enhance the public understanding of the natural environment and provide a proper outdoor learning experience.


    Visit North Carolina Museum of Art

    Another famous museum is the North Carolina Museum of Art. This particular Museum is one of the leading art museums in the Southern part of the US. The reason why this facility is so spectacular is the fact that it boosts permanent collections that span for more than 5,000 years and along with it you have plenty of opportunities to admire and explore the amazing art exhibits.

    The museum features a 164-acre park of woodlands, creeks, and fields with 2 miles of trails and more than a dozen site-specific works of art. The museum features an outdoor amphitheater for performances and inside you can expect to find contemporary and prehistoric works of art.

    The museum’s permanent collection features European paintings from the Renaissance period up until the 19th century, vase painting and sculptures from ancient Greece and Rome, Egyptian funerary art, American art of the 18th- 20th centuries as well as international contemporary art.


    Take a trip to Pullen Park

    Pullen Park is one of the most well-known and famous parks in the Research Triangle, and for good reason. The park boasts a variety of attractions and there are so many things you can do individually or as a group. Picnic areas, small rides such as the Pullen Park Carousel, train and kiddie boats, and pedal boats, theater, art center, aquatic center, and many others can be found within the 66-acre public park.

    If you feel in the mood for a bike ride, jog, or even a walk, the 3,000-mile long system of trails connecting Maine to Florida runs through the park so you can enjoy it by doing your favorite sport. The playground placed through the park is a wonderful addition if you bring your children along. On the park grounds, you can find tennis courts, ball fields, and sand areas where you can break a leg and burn some calories.

    The aquatic center holds an Olympic size swimming pool, a warm water therapy pool, spectator seating, and an outdoor patio. The Art Center offers classes in glass arts, weaving, painting, printmaking, pottery, and jewelry-making. This is one of the most entertaining and fun parks to go to in Raleigh NC, therefore don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.



    Some of the best attractions of North Carolina can be found in the city of Raleigh NC. Whether you are a local or a visitor in Raleigh NC, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this beautiful capital city. We are sure you will have plenty of fun however little time to explore everything this amazing place has to offer. But, by contacting real estate agents in Raleigh North Carolina, you can find yourself an affordable home where you can live and enjoy a great quality of life along with some of the best attractions anywhere in the US.

    Also, if you enjoyed our article don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and family on your social media accounts.



  • Festivals You Must Attend In Franklin TN

    Apart from the usual attractions featured in a city, there are always a handful of events that take place each year that have you counting the days til they happen again. We are not talking about any event, we are talking about some of the most loved festivals held in your city. Also, we are not here to talk about any ordinary city, we are here to highlight some of the best festivals held within the city of Franklin TN.

    If you had the chance to live in or visit the city of Franklin Tennessee then you probably know why the festivals held there are so beloved. Are you ready for pouring crowds filling the closed streets of Franklin, dancers, musicians, and dozens of themed characters? Beverage lovers, art enthusiasts, foodies, families, and many others can find something that can please them at one of Franklin’s festivals. Here are some of the festivals coming your way that are an absolute blast.


    Kids Art Festival of Tennessee

    As parents, we want what’s best for our children, therefore, giving them the opportunity to have fun and learn something at the same time seems like a win. If it happens that the Kids Art Festival of Tennessee is ongoing, then your kids will surely have a blast. At this festival, all kids from kindergarten to 12th Grade are welcome to display their artistic side in many ways.

    There is a juried exhibition where young artists can display their finest original pieces and be evaluated by juries. The festival also allows young artists to sell their original artworks. If your young talents have an affinity for dancing, singing, acting, playing an instrument, or writing poetry they are more than welcome to perform on a stage designated just for that. If you are a performer or even if you are just starting out it is the perfect place to highlight the variety of talents.


    If you love fall festivals, you absolutely have to attend Pumpkinfest in Franklin Tennessee. With more than 36 editions behind this event is one of the largest family fall festivals in Mid Tennessee. The festival stretches along Main Street and has side avenues for one of the most exciting festive fun you will ever have.

    If you would love to see a battle between high school bands from all over the county, then this is the place for you. Leiper’s Fork Distillery Whiskey Lounge offers you an amazing tour through the distillery highlighting the process of making some of the finest whiskey and bourbon in Tennessee and at the end, you get to taste it. The festival also features a famous kid zone produced by Church of the City and a costume contest with a costume parade down Main Street and it even includes a pet costume contest.

    Other activities include extreme pumpkin carving, “Great Pumpkin” photo booth and Guess the Weight contest, a chili cook-off, live entertainment on multiple stages, and plenty of food vendors. Also, the newly implemented Franklin Grove Estate & Gardens Activities features a pre-restoration tour of the mansion, activities for kids, pumpkin patch photo opportunities, and many others.


    Main Street Festival

    Another beloved festival amongst Franklin’s residents, but tourists find it to be just as exciting. This festival draws a crowd of about 100,000 people each year and it has seen more than 37 editions so far. It is considered to be one of the largest events in the Southeast providing a very fun-filled weekend.

    There will be plenty of musicians that light up the atmosphere and plenty of drinks to keep you going. The arts and crafts juried show is a centerpiece of the Main Street Festival with more than 150 crafters and artisans presenting some of the finest handmade wares.

    No festival can truly be complete without the food! With more than 20 food vendors you get to experience a variety of international foods from different cuisines and cultures. Not to mention the fact that there will also be plenty of kid-friendly activities where you along with your children can have some fun together.

    Dickens of Christmas

    If you love the Christmas season then you will love the festival “Dickens of Christmas” held in Franklin Tennessee. This is one of the largest outdoor Christmas festivals that takes place mid December on Main Street.

    This event tries to recreate the time of Charles Dickens using the gorgeous historic downtown of Franklin TN. More than 200 musicians and dancers fill the streets during the festival along with some special characters from Charles Dickens’s stories or other characters that announce the coming of Christmas. Expect to see characters such as nefarious Fagin, Oliver Twist or even Tiny Tim Cratchit with his parents reunited together for a Chrismas Carol.

    The events are open for the public and no fee is required to enter. The Heritage Foundation has extended programs during the weekend so you get to spend a lovely evening dining in downtown Franklin and enjoy the colorful lights lining the streets of Main Street.


    Wine Down Main Street

    If you like to attend an event that feels like a huge party and everyone is in great spirit then Wine Down Main Street is your to-go festival in Franklin TN. You get to have fun and meet interesting people along the way and it’s all in good spirit since it is also one of the best fundraising events in the county.

    What can you expect from attending Wine Down Main Street? Firstly, as the name would suggest, you will have a unique wine tasting experience in one of the town’s most exciting areas, the historic Main Street. There will be more than 30 shops displaying different wines from all around the world. There are plenty of food trucks from which you can enjoy some of your favorite American foods.

    Wine Down Main Street is a great event filled with food, drinks, and a lot of friendly people that are eager to meet you. 



    There is no doubt that some of the best festivals are held right here in Franklin TN, and you will be very eager to find out that there is something for everyone to enjoy. From themed events with costumes and characters from your favorite stories to art, music, and dance. There are not a lot of words to describe how great these festivals really are but you will surely have lots of fun. If you don’t want to miss out on a single festival, it’s probably time to consider relocating to Franklin TN. If that is the case, get in touch with one of the best realtors in Franklin Tennessee and they will be able to help you find the perfect home for yourself.

    If you like our article don’t hesitate to share it with your friends on your social media platforms and let them know what is there to do in Franklin TN.

  • Best Outdoor Activities In Upper Marlboro MD

    Living in a big city is great for many reasons. You have so many things to do in your spare time that you can hardly decide where to spend your next weekend. Lots of restaurants with different cuisines that are able to satisfy even the pickiest eaters and loads of entertainment as well as attractions for everyone. You will not be disappointed with what you can find in any of the metropolitan cities of America. 


    But have you ever thought about a quiet place where it almost feels like nature took over? Maybe the crowded and fast-paced atmosphere in the big city made you tired and you just want to let go for some time. Maybe you want to leave the urban city behind and experience a bit of the rural area and enjoy some outdoor activities that are different from what you usually get in big cities.


    If that is the case, then you are in for an awesome journey, because some of the rural areas in the US are beautiful and fascinating in their own way. Some of them are not very far from the metropolitan area so you can move back and forth between two areas as you may see fit. One such place that has that small-town feel is the quiet town of Upper Marlboro MD.


    It is not Washington DC but it has it’s own vibe and the peacefulness found here is unmatched and it is just 16 miles away from DC. If you are looking for a quiet retreat, real estate agents in Upper Marlboro MD will surely be able to find just the right home for you. But, if you are interested in finding out what there is to do in Upper Marlboro MD, then we have great news for you. Here are some of the best outdoor activities in Upper Marlboro MD.


    Get a limousine ride with Limousines, Inc

    One of the best ways to admire the surrounding is through a bus guided tour which is fairly common in cities with plenty of things to see. In Upper Marlboro MD you can take it up a notch and steer away from your ordinary bus and go for something a little more elevated. Even though this is not a guided tour and it is commonly used for special occasions, a limousine ride will definitely make you feel like you are living the dream. 


    One of the most luxurious ground transportations is provided by a company called Limousines, Inc. which serves Upper Marlboro MD and areas around it. The services they provide are professional and their car lot includes traditional stretch limousines, Shuttle and Limo Party Buses. Let’s not forget about the highly sought after Mercedes Sprinters that will give you the ride of your life.


    Dress up fancy, grab a glass of champagne and cheer your way to a special occasion with one of the most special rides that you will ever have.

    Learn or play golf on one of the surrounding golf courses

    Do you love playing golf? So do people in Upper Marlboro MD and from the areas around. Some of the upper-class communities have golf clubs and premium golf courses but they are a bit pricy as well. If you are on the other end, and you just want to have an enjoyable game of golf from time to time then there are quite a few golf courses around where you can do just that.


    One such place is Oak Creek Club. The course has a nice design and it allows for a slow pace of play. It is also well maintained and aside from that, you have the opportunity to dine here as well if you are feeling like you need to recharge your battery for the next game. Prices are a bit more on the high side because the golf course is located in a gated community where middle to high-class people live.


    Also, if you are new to the game you can have a shot at learning it at The Golf Institute. The Golf Institute at Lake Presidential is one of the perfect spots where you can learn, improve, or master your golfing skills. The instructors here are highly qualified and they provide you with an interactive learning experience in their well put together facility.


    Boating in DC at National Harbor

    Located just a couple of miles away from the DC area, people from Upper Marlboro MD who love the water can go for one of the best boating experiences in the area at National Harbor. With the perfect weather, you will have a blast at the National Harbor and get to explore some of the waterways in the DC area.


    You can rent single or double kayaks and paddleboats so you can come along with your family and friends for a pleasant ride along the waterways of DC. For just $20 an hour, you are able to go to the other side of Wilson Bridge and you would still have plenty of time to spare. If you like boating this is definitely the outdoor activity for you.


    Terrapin Adventures

    Would you like to have the ultimate outdoor adventure? If you are excited about that, then the perfect place for you is Terrapin Adventures. Not only that it offers a unique outdoor adventure, but you also get to defy gravity, soar through the air and launch into an awesome adventure by scaling one of the 12 routes featured at Terrapin Adventures. 


    This adventure park offers courses with low challenge course elements that are kid-friendly as well as more challenging courses that really test your skills and give you that adrenaline rush you are looking for. You can experience the G force on their Giant Swing and glide through the forest on their zip line.


    Terrapin Adventure is the ideal place for parties with kids or adults, team building, kayak tours, bike tours, river tubing, sailing, fishing horseback riding, rock climbing, windsurfing, and many more. You will have a blast at Terrapin Adventures for what might be one of the most fun days with friends or family you ever had.



    The town of Upper Marlboro MD, as quiet a retreat it may seem, offers you the opportunity to experience some of the most fun outdoor activities in and around the area. You will be amazed at how much fun you can have here in one day and you will be coming back for more. It is a vibrant area that really has a charm of its own and that’s why it is such a special place to be living or visiting.

    Don’t let any of your family or friends miss out on all the fun, and let them know about some of the best outdoor activities in Upper Marlboro MD, by sharing this article with them on your social media accounts.

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