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  • Best Outdoor Activities In Upper Marlboro MD

    Living in a big city is great for many reasons. You have so many things to do in your spare time that you can hardly decide where to spend your next weekend. Lots of restaurants with different cuisines that are able to satisfy even the pickiest eaters and loads of entertainment as well as attractions for everyone. You will not be disappointed with what you can find in any of the metropolitan cities of America. 


    But have you ever thought about a quiet place where it almost feels like nature took over? Maybe the crowded and fast-paced atmosphere in the big city made you tired and you just want to let go for some time. Maybe you want to leave the urban city behind and experience a bit of the rural area and enjoy some outdoor activities that are different from what you usually get in big cities.


    If that is the case, then you are in for an awesome journey, because some of the rural areas in the US are beautiful and fascinating in their own way. Some of them are not very far from the metropolitan area so you can move back and forth between two areas as you may see fit. One such place that has that small-town feel is the quiet town of Upper Marlboro MD.


    It is not Washington DC but it has it’s own vibe and the peacefulness found here is unmatched and it is just 16 miles away from DC. If you are looking for a quiet retreat, real estate agents in Upper Marlboro MD will surely be able to find just the right home for you. But, if you are interested in finding out what there is to do in Upper Marlboro MD, then we have great news for you. Here are some of the best outdoor activities in Upper Marlboro MD.


    Get a limousine ride with Limousines, Inc

    One of the best ways to admire the surrounding is through a bus guided tour which is fairly common in cities with plenty of things to see. In Upper Marlboro MD you can take it up a notch and steer away from your ordinary bus and go for something a little more elevated. Even though this is not a guided tour and it is commonly used for special occasions, a limousine ride will definitely make you feel like you are living the dream. 


    One of the most luxurious ground transportations is provided by a company called Limousines, Inc. which serves Upper Marlboro MD and areas around it. The services they provide are professional and their car lot includes traditional stretch limousines, Shuttle and Limo Party Buses. Let’s not forget about the highly sought after Mercedes Sprinters that will give you the ride of your life.


    Dress up fancy, grab a glass of champagne and cheer your way to a special occasion with one of the most special rides that you will ever have.

    Learn or play golf on one of the surrounding golf courses

    Do you love playing golf? So do people in Upper Marlboro MD and from the areas around. Some of the upper-class communities have golf clubs and premium golf courses but they are a bit pricy as well. If you are on the other end, and you just want to have an enjoyable game of golf from time to time then there are quite a few golf courses around where you can do just that.


    One such place is Oak Creek Club. The course has a nice design and it allows for a slow pace of play. It is also well maintained and aside from that, you have the opportunity to dine here as well if you are feeling like you need to recharge your battery for the next game. Prices are a bit more on the high side because the golf course is located in a gated community where middle to high-class people live.


    Also, if you are new to the game you can have a shot at learning it at The Golf Institute. The Golf Institute at Lake Presidential is one of the perfect spots where you can learn, improve, or master your golfing skills. The instructors here are highly qualified and they provide you with an interactive learning experience in their well put together facility.


    Boating in DC at National Harbor

    Located just a couple of miles away from the DC area, people from Upper Marlboro MD who love the water can go for one of the best boating experiences in the area at National Harbor. With the perfect weather, you will have a blast at the National Harbor and get to explore some of the waterways in the DC area.


    You can rent single or double kayaks and paddleboats so you can come along with your family and friends for a pleasant ride along the waterways of DC. For just $20 an hour, you are able to go to the other side of Wilson Bridge and you would still have plenty of time to spare. If you like boating this is definitely the outdoor activity for you.


    Terrapin Adventures

    Would you like to have the ultimate outdoor adventure? If you are excited about that, then the perfect place for you is Terrapin Adventures. Not only that it offers a unique outdoor adventure, but you also get to defy gravity, soar through the air and launch into an awesome adventure by scaling one of the 12 routes featured at Terrapin Adventures. 


    This adventure park offers courses with low challenge course elements that are kid-friendly as well as more challenging courses that really test your skills and give you that adrenaline rush you are looking for. You can experience the G force on their Giant Swing and glide through the forest on their zip line.


    Terrapin Adventure is the ideal place for parties with kids or adults, team building, kayak tours, bike tours, river tubing, sailing, fishing horseback riding, rock climbing, windsurfing, and many more. You will have a blast at Terrapin Adventures for what might be one of the most fun days with friends or family you ever had.



    The town of Upper Marlboro MD, as quiet a retreat it may seem, offers you the opportunity to experience some of the most fun outdoor activities in and around the area. You will be amazed at how much fun you can have here in one day and you will be coming back for more. It is a vibrant area that really has a charm of its own and that’s why it is such a special place to be living or visiting.

    Don’t let any of your family or friends miss out on all the fun, and let them know about some of the best outdoor activities in Upper Marlboro MD, by sharing this article with them on your social media accounts.

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